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Achieve Your Champion is a 501(c)3 organization that  provides educational fitness and activities for children.

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Improving the fitness and nutritional lives of all children is our goal!

Sacking childhood obesity one child at a time.


S.A.C.K (Satisfying Appetite Consumption for Kids)

Our S.A.C.K. a lunch program is dedicated to educating kids on how to properly prepare a healthy, nutritional meal. 

This educational program is focused on teaching kids the proper foods to eat, drink and why. A continued proper nutritional intake has proven to be beneficial and essential to our children's lives and as well as ours. 

​We are what we eat and drink. What our kids learn as children they are more likely to practice as adults. 



Kidz Fitness is an educational program that focuses on safe exercises, involving running, jumping , stretching and much more.

At AYC, while exercising their minds and bodies, your children will have so much fun while also preventing childhood diseases.

We believe regular exercise will strengthen your childrens muscles and bones. As a result of exercising regularly, your children will develop leaner bodies that will decrease the chances of childhood obesity. 

​As a result of exercising, your children will be less likely to become overweight. This will decrease the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 Diabetes. 




Because of the intense pressure for youth to attend college, sports are now more competitive than ever before.  Sports provides an excellent avenue for kids  to pursue their academic goals.

We provide an educational avenue for our athletes to be more visible to colleges,  while receiving  authentic athletic training.  

Our A.A.C.T program focuses on helping athletes get the proper training to compete for athletic scholarships. Our program will also encourage athletes to aggressively focus on their academics.

We must A.A.C.T now in the pursuit  of our athletes attending college.

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